Martin pietras proc 4


Martin pietras proc 3


Martin pietras ref sub

Reference (Left ) Substance (Right)

Martin pietras graph proc

Procedural Graph

Martin pietras 20170722 104316

RTI scan setup ( Used my phone's flash as a light)

Martin pietras scanned


Martin pietras scanned 2


Martin pietras graph scan

Scan Graph


Some Fabric I recently did for an Art test, one of them I scanned in with the Substance's Reflective transformation tools, the other I made 100% from scratch procedurally. The scan took me around 45 minutes to capture all the footage and fine tune the parameters so you could change color normal strength etc.( Mostly slowed down by my old cpu :/) The procedural one took me about 2 hours, with an hour to add all the parameters to substance so you could change the stitch size, color, micro fiber, etc etc.

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